When it comes to versatility, nothing compares to LP Gas. That’s what makes it the perfect industrial energy solution. Among other things, LPG is commonly used in sugar cone baking, pressed cone baking, cookie baking ovens, powder coating, spray booths, cake oven baking, shrink wrapping, metal smelting and concrete curing.


There are also numerous commercial applications for LPG energy, as it offers an economical solution for cooking and cooling equipment, space heaters, boilers and more. Besides being flexible, reliable and affordable, LPG also has reduced carbon emissions, making it a more environmentally sound solution. This also means that appliances will require less maintenance than with any other fuel.

LPG is also used in many applications in the industrial sector such as:

  1. Forklifts: Not only are LP Gas forklifts proven to be the most reliable when it comes to indoor and outdoor use, they also offer lower upfront costs than electric models and a smaller carbon footprint. Using LPG also means faster refuelling, reducing downtime, and reduced maintenance costs, as there is less wear and tear.
  2. Food Processing: LPG is widely used in many food-processing systems because of its clean burning properties. In many instances, such as bakeries and butcheries, LPG is the preferred energy option as this means that products will not be exposed to the risk of contamination.
  3. Ceramics: When it comes to pottery, roofing, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, LPG is the energy of choice. This is because ceramics made of clay require a high heating value in order to dry and become hard and slick. As LPG is easily controllable with a clean combustion, less maintenance is required for burners and kilns, leading to less downtime, reduced costs and increased productivity.
  4. Agriculture: When it comes to farming, LPG is the failsafe way to fire critical heating processes, stabilize inputs, and control the costs on processes that are used on an intermittent or seasonal basis. With the power to run even the largest agricultural operation and the portability to reach every area of the farm, LPG is successfully used in a range of crop drying applications, as well as for nut roasting, pig farrowing, and chicken brooding.