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As South Africa’s first LPG franchise, Gas Mart is challenging the status quo in the alternative energy industry and in the franchise sector, by making alternative energy solutions available to every home and business in South Africa.

With 10 years’ experience in the industry, Gas Mart is your total solutions LPG shop, where you can buy all your high-quality LP Gas and related products in a single visit. Our franchisees supply and refill LP gas cylinders, stock a wide range of gas appliances, and provide an excellent installation and maintenance service.



We understand the importance of always having gas to ensure superb service to your customers.


A consistent supply of gas for your restaurant means always being able to keep your kitchen operational.


Gas for all your industry needs such as forklift, ceramic ovens (drying ceramics), power coating dryers etc.


Gas to make your outdoors adventures truly memorable and a little more like home.


With the rising electricity prices, consider installing Gas products when you build homes, complexes and offices.

Gas Refill?

Live on the South Coast and ran out of gas? No Worries Gas Mart KZN can assist